Switchin’ things up



I had to jump on here to talk about my dilemma…

Today is an important day among many in the application process for a dietetic internship (DI). While the BIG day (Match day) is April 6th. Today, March 21st marks the day that dietetic students can reorder their prioritized list of programs they applied to. And I have no idea how I will rank the programs on my list? However, the deadline to complete this task is March 31st, so I have some time to think.

I am thankful that this option exists for numerous reasons. Probably the biggest reason why I will reorder my list, is not receiving an interview with a program. Especially since I know it is a requirement for acceptance to some of the programs I applied to. Ouch, that hurts, right?! But, I had what I would consider great interviews with several other outstanding programs. So in the end, it all works out! Other reasons for reordering the DI list could include feeling like you completely bombed the interview. Even though you may spend many hours preparing for an internship interview, still sometimes there are mishaps. Also, you may change your mind. Say what? I know, sounds crazy…right? Especially after I described this as a competitive process in my first post. However, I don’t mean that you drop out of the process entirely. Although life happens. Instead you may have different career interests and now want to specialize in a different area of dietetics. Therefore, you may select an internship with a MNT concentration over one with a Food Systems Management concentration. Last, you may want an advanced degree, which means graduate school. So that coordinated program may move straight to the top of your list. An advanced degree will be the requirement for all entry level RDs by 2024. So why not be proactive? Ah, decisions…decisions.

These are only a few that I’ve gathered from my own experience and from a few of my dietetic friends that are currently enduring the ups and downs of this Spring 2014 match process. Most important is to go with your gut feeling! Hang in there everybody, its almost over!


What are some reasons for reordering your DI list? 


Did I keep it reel, or nah?

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