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If you’re a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, you know that spring marks membership renewal time.  If you’re not a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, then get on top of that NOW!  Your future dietetics career depends on it…really, it does!  But more on that in a minute.

First, let’s talk spring!

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Internship Prep

Internship Preparation Seminar was a course in my DPD undergrad that dished on all things DICAS, personal statements, internship interviews, D & D digital and more.  I will be forever indebted to my DPD director for requiring the completion of such a worthwhile class.  After all, I believe it had a hand in me matching.  Sadly, I’ve found out that this type of class is not the norm for some DPD programs.  So, if I’m catching someone just now kicking off their schooling in dietetics,  pssst…Fontbonne University has an excellent program!  Just sayin’! 😀

Even though I may be a little biased ;),  you don’t have to go to my alma mater to ensure you match, nor will I be stingy with the details of my dietetic internship application knowledge.  Currently, I’m just way too excited about my dietetic internship to talk about anything else, but my dietetic internship!  I plan to do some back tracking and talk about how I got to this point.  Just bear with me the excitement will subside, shortly…I think?


This week I received THE email I’ve been waiting for.  The official letter confirming my appointment to the dietetic internship!

SLU welcome

Since Match Day, I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about when I would get this highly coveted document.  I bout drove my husband crazy with the speculation and anticipation of when I would receive it!  He would say, “Chill, relax, you know that work comes with that…money too?!” Alas, he was right, but this is work I will take on happily.

So, this time, internship prep is all about immunizations, background checks, and graduate school applications, which is a walk in the park versus all that it took to get me to this point.  There’s fun too!  A meet and greet with my fellow interns will take place in May.  An intern from Vermont even kicked off an email chain and offered to start up a Facebook group for us.  Vermont?!  Can you believe that??  This is so fascinating to a girl with Midwestern and Southern roots!  I’m looking forward to learning more about all the individuals I will be completing this year long journey with as we morph into an awesome group of MS, RD, LDs.


Welcome to the Lou!

So tell me…

What inside scoop would you like to know about a city before moving there?

Which states are the members of your internship class representing? 


100 MO Miles

In the dietetics world social media is EVERYTHING!  Yes, everything.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Blogging and Google+.  You name it, RDs want a piece of the pie. This “pie” is virtual presence.  RDs everywhere are artfully timing posts and linking their social network pages together for ease of sharing.  Likewise, they’re coordinating colors, usernames, and logos to establish their brand.  And this trend is true for RD2BEs as well.

photo 3

Due to the small world feel of dietetics, the power of networking will be reiterated time and time again throughout your dietetics education.  That being said, this blog was birthed to boost my brand (Ha! say that 3 times 😉 ), which I’m still in the early stages of figuring out.  While I have personal social media pages, I’m still trying to figure out the use of these outlets as a budding dietetics professional.  To learn, I lurk.  Yes, I’m the watcher.  I study what others are doing attempting to measure up to the RDs and RD2BEs out there that have this marketing thing down pat!

So that I improve my social media presence, I check social networks a minimum of twice daily.  Typically, when I wake up in the morning and then after work.  And to keep it real, on days that I am not busy, its hard to unplug from these outlets.  Who am I kidding?  Social media and I are attached at the hip!  Part of it is just me being nosy, but I also learn all sorts of great things.  This is especially true on Twitter.  On Twitter, I found a MO state public health initiative that’s going to step-up my walking game up!  Its called #100MoMiles.  It is the perfect companion to the Fitbit® One that I received as a graduation gift.  Y’all I’m cray-cray in LOVE ❤ with this thing!  All of the sudden, it has incited this competitive spirit in me.  I’m parking further away, doing laps around the house, and making trips to the bathroom far away from the department I work in.

Anyway, enough about my love affair with a pedometer.  I found out about #100MoMiles through the Twitter account of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Missouri affiliate.

photo 1

100 Missouri Miles or #100MoMiles is a health initiative developed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and First Lady Georganne Nixon. The program encourages Missourians to log 100 miles of outdoor activity in 2014 in the form of walking, running, biking, or hiking.  It also encourages Missourians to take advantage of Missouri’s many trails that merit it as the “Best Trails State.”  Who knew?

So, why am I excited about this?  First, I ❤ Public Health and I’m happy to see my state concerned about the health of its citizens.  Second,  I need a physical activity goal and some accountability. Third, I’m the “Reel RD2BE of St. Louis,”  so I gotta represent for my city! 😀  My plan is to complete the 100 miles prior to the start of my dietetic internship. I kicked it off yesterday with a 1.5 mile walk at Carondelet Park.

Now that I’ve yakked on and on…

I hope you found these things to be the takeaway:

  1. Establishment of a professional persona on social media is important. Start small. There are some fancy blogs and other visually appealing networks out there. But don’t get intimidated! Its just important that you get some FaceTime on these outlets.
  2. Network…network…network and did I say network?  “Friend” and “Like” your fellow RDs, RD2BEs, DI, and AND affiliates.
  3. Get to know your city. The tangible and intangible aspects are valuable.
  4. Motivation and social support can come from anywhere.

So tell me…

How do you ensure you’re visible on social media? 

Does your state or city have a physical activity public health initiative you’re taking part in? 


* I am in no way affiliated with Fitbit® or #100MoMiles. All opinions in this post are my own*

I got the part: Dietetic Intern!

Yesterday I logged onto D & D Digital and discovered I MATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!  The anxiety produced by Match Day is through the roof!  When I saw the results, I instantly felt a wave of emotion!

I’m pretty sure I first did something like this…



And then looked like this…

Bey shocked


Did a couple of these…

gone with the wind


Said this a couple of times…

hell yes


And rounded it out with this…minus the microphone 😉

oprah crazy


Ha! You gotta love the enthusiasm that Oprah brings!

While I know I probably looked a mess, it was great to release all of those feelings after 4 months of preparation and waiting! Now, that I’ve poked fun at myself, let me share my match results!

I am excited to say that I matched to St. Louis University!!!!!!!!

I am SO excited and tired.  Even though Match Day is a holiday in the dietetics world, the duty of lunch lady  food service worker still commenced at 6:00 this morning.  I plan to spill all of the details of the internship in a later post.

I just want to offer CONGRATULATIONS to those that matched!!!!

So tell me…

How did you react to your match?

What program did you match to?

Reel Random

Welcome to Reel Random – Just me sharing a few things that have been running though my mind as of late…

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.42.09 AM

“Keep Calm and Carry On,” are the words of the week!  If you look to the right sidebar, there are only 2 days left until Match Day!!!! So, this mantra is on repeat in my head.  Come on April 6th!  Oops! See there I go again rushing things!



In the course of waiting for Match Day, I’ve skimmed the internet to kill time.  And I’ve come across some ideal professional looks that are á la Olivia Pope-esque.  I long for a professional look that has pops of color and streamlined tailoring, with an urban flair. Buh-bye, yoga pants. 😦  Hello, young professional! 🙂 This one I found on Essence.com fits the bill.  The featured picture below is my favorite, however there are 4 more POPPIN’ looks here. 



 I am ready for spring weather!  Eh…should I say warm and sunny spring weather?  I had to clarify because we are currently experiencing typical spring weather here in the STL, which means rain. Or SNOW!  Yes, I said it…snow!  It can happen here in April.  I am reminded yearly around my April 10th birthday that it snowed the day my parents brought me home from the hospital. O_o

But, as the saying goes, “April showers, bring May flowers.” I am so looking forward to the flowers!

I want the WARM spring weather so I can sport the latest accessory I’m fixated on, the scarf!  I know seems odd after we’ve worn the wooly variety up to our eyeballs for about the last 5 months.  But, there’s something relaxed, bohemian, and organic about a summer scarf.  I mean, you can wear it wrinkly and in an unconventional way, on your head or around your waist.  I found this video from the MOAMNETWORK YouTube channel and was convinced I need to add this to my wardrobe!


Last, I work as a demonstrator at a local grocery store and a little over a month ago I demo’d the ancient grain Farro.  Farro is a variety of wheat that is similar to barley, has the chewiness of a wheat berry and a nutty flavor.  It is dubbed an Ancient Grain with its origin tied to Egypt.  I thought it was delicious! Since then I have purchased some.  I’ve been meaning to do something with it.  As a lover of Latin flavors, I think I’ll have to experiment with some avocado, black beans, and chipotle powder to whip something up!  I’ll post the recipe.  Assuming it turns out tasty!



Whelp, those are my wildly random thoughts of the moment.

So tell me…

Do you have any favorite words of wisdom?  

What celebrity do you model your style after?  

Any farro fans out there?