I got the part: Dietetic Intern!

Yesterday I logged onto D & D Digital and discovered I MATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!  The anxiety produced by Match Day is through the roof!  When I saw the results, I instantly felt a wave of emotion!

I’m pretty sure I first did something like this…



And then looked like this…

Bey shocked


Did a couple of these…

gone with the wind


Said this a couple of times…

hell yes


And rounded it out with this…minus the microphone 😉

oprah crazy


Ha! You gotta love the enthusiasm that Oprah brings!

While I know I probably looked a mess, it was great to release all of those feelings after 4 months of preparation and waiting! Now, that I’ve poked fun at myself, let me share my match results!

I am excited to say that I matched to St. Louis University!!!!!!!!

I am SO excited and tired.  Even though Match Day is a holiday in the dietetics world, the duty of lunch lady  food service worker still commenced at 6:00 this morning.  I plan to spill all of the details of the internship in a later post.

I just want to offer CONGRATULATIONS to those that matched!!!!

So tell me…

How did you react to your match?

What program did you match to?


8 thoughts on “I got the part: Dietetic Intern!

  1. Oh WOW Shannon!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 Next fall I’ll be a Senior and all I can think of is… “How can I use this summer to become more competitive?” I’m sort of stressed already :-/ Congratulations on your match and good luck with everything!

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