Internship Prep

Internship Preparation Seminar was a course in my DPD undergrad that dished on all things DICAS, personal statements, internship interviews, D & D digital and more.  I will be forever indebted to my DPD director for requiring the completion of such a worthwhile class.  After all, I believe it had a hand in me matching.  Sadly, I’ve found out that this type of class is not the norm for some DPD programs.  So, if I’m catching someone just now kicking off their schooling in dietetics,  pssst…Fontbonne University has an excellent program!  Just sayin’! 😀

Even though I may be a little biased ;),  you don’t have to go to my alma mater to ensure you match, nor will I be stingy with the details of my dietetic internship application knowledge.  Currently, I’m just way too excited about my dietetic internship to talk about anything else, but my dietetic internship!  I plan to do some back tracking and talk about how I got to this point.  Just bear with me the excitement will subside, shortly…I think?


This week I received THE email I’ve been waiting for.  The official letter confirming my appointment to the dietetic internship!

SLU welcome

Since Match Day, I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about when I would get this highly coveted document.  I bout drove my husband crazy with the speculation and anticipation of when I would receive it!  He would say, “Chill, relax, you know that work comes with that…money too?!” Alas, he was right, but this is work I will take on happily.

So, this time, internship prep is all about immunizations, background checks, and graduate school applications, which is a walk in the park versus all that it took to get me to this point.  There’s fun too!  A meet and greet with my fellow interns will take place in May.  An intern from Vermont even kicked off an email chain and offered to start up a Facebook group for us.  Vermont?!  Can you believe that??  This is so fascinating to a girl with Midwestern and Southern roots!  I’m looking forward to learning more about all the individuals I will be completing this year long journey with as we morph into an awesome group of MS, RD, LDs.


Welcome to the Lou!

So tell me…

What inside scoop would you like to know about a city before moving there?

Which states are the members of your internship class representing? 



2 thoughts on “Internship Prep

  1. My internship is 7 girls…5 of us are Oregon state grads, including myself! 3 of the OSU gals are native Oregonians, I’m a native Californian, and we’ve got a New Yorker as well. As for the girls who didn’t do undergrad at OSU, one is originally from San Diego, California and the other is all the way from Maine!

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