10 Things Super Successful People Do During Lunch


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The mantra, “You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé, ” has flashed across social media accounts everywhere,  made news headlines, and echoed in the minds of many with the drop of her surprise album Beyoncé.  Many are in awe of her strong work ethic, flawless beauty, and commanding attitude.  And all the while she’s a wife and mother.

While I am all about the #Beyhive, I know there are some in opposition to the above statement.  And I can understand why.  For whatever reason, we’re all super busy! Its hard to believe that some celebrity is living a life close to yours and mine.  This belief is valid because more often than not, celebrities have teams.  Even though a team of experts beckoning to our every desire is not  real life for most, I’m a huge supporter of recharging.  I’m not saying you need to hire a chef, nanny, makeup artist, stylist, and personal trainer for the day to get some breathing room in your life!  But, I bet you that a lot of Beyoncé’s success, creativity, and physique is due to her taking time for herself and being present in the moment.  Being in the here and now is especially important at meal time.  One of my favorite times to recharge is during a lunch break.  You can do something as simple as putting an end to desktop dining to improve your health.

Why am I telling you to put down the smartphone or tablet, and step away from the desk at lunch time?  Because we tend to engage in mindless eating!  Staying tuned into our electronic gadgets and continuously staring at hundreds of tasks that must be completed before we clock out can lead to poor health, mentally and physically.  Simply put, we are distracted and tend to forget what and how much we ate at lunch.

I somehow happened upon this article, 10 Things Super Successful People Do During Lunch.   In the back of my mind I though it would be a bunch of unthinkable multitasking stunts!  However, I was pleasantly surprised!  I was like yesssss, this has Mindless Eating by Brain Wansink written all over it!  The article is more about giving yourself a break so that you have a breakthrough!  I read Mindless Eating in undergrad and found it to be eyeopening! Folks, this book provides research to back up the reasons behind the nutrition related behaviors we choose and those that just kinda happen.  Either way, checkout what awareness at meal time can do for you.

Individuals that unplug and ditch the desk while eating tend to…

  • Eat more slowly
  • Eat Less
  • Are more responsive to when they’re full
  • Have improved meal satisfaction due to savoring their food
  • Have fewer food safety disasters

Still, you may not feel as if you and Beyoncé are on the same time clock,  but you gotta eat!!  Make the hour or half-hour for many, healthy and more enjoyable.   More strategies to avoid mindless eating can be found at Brian Wansink’s Mindless Eating website.

Let’s chat! Tell me…

How do you prevent yourself from mindless eating?

What do you do to recharge? 

What is your favorite Beyoncé song? 

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