I’m Featured On Dietitian Ambition!

I’m Featured On Dietitian Ambition

Yesterday, Jasmin the fabulous blogger behind Dietitian Ambition featured my work experience in school food service on her blog.  Jasmin is a 2014-2015 dietetic intern at The Ohio State University.  Jasmin and I have similar goals for our blogs in that we want to help dietetics students excel in the field.  Both of us are starting dietetic internships in roughly a month and we want to share how we got to this point and how to be a on top of things as a dietetic intern.

She started a new feature on her blog to help dietetic students gain insight into the various specialties within the field of dietetics. Please go to her site to learn more and show some love by sharing her post on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you, Shannon ❤


Science, it is a Black thing. Sexy too!

At first I thought the Daily Prompt, Instant Celebrity was of no interest to me.  I have no desire to be a particular famous person for a day.  On my About Page I mention two I’d like to hang out with, but to be in their shoes for a day…I’ll pass.

However, I won’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate African American women in STEM careers.  Yesterday, a post revealing the Sexiest Black Female Scientists went viral.  As of today, this post has been shared over 8,000 times, accumulated over 1,500 likes, and tweeted over 700 times.  The ladies on this list are Instant Celebrities worth emulating.

black girl and science

Photo: Lab Science Career via Flickr Creative Commons 

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Proud to BE a Billiken!

So as you can tell, the Daily Prompts have appealed to me lately.  I’m having fun with these and building a blogging habit along the way.  Just assume that its another item on my growing Internship Prep List.

I’m calling it internship prep because I plan on blogging my way through my dietetic internship.  My plan with this blog is to provide weekly recaps of my internship rotations and other food and nutrition related things.  So at this point I’m just building my blogging “muscle”.  Similar to exercise I’m trying to make writing an exercise that is performed without effort.  At the very least I want blogging to feel automatic.  I want to feel like if I’m not posting to this blog, I’m missing something.   I don’t want to leave myself or you my readers hanging!

When I saw today’s Daily Prompt, I said to myself, “I got this!”  Today’s Daily Prompt is all about the right to brag.  It asked bloggers to write about, “… something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.”

I am unabashedly proud that I matched to a dietetic internship!   I’m also proud to complete my dietetic internship at Saint Louis University!  And here’s why.

Why I’m Proud to Be a Billiken

Be a Billiken

Photo:  St. Louis University via Flickr Creative Commons

1. “I’m from the Lou and I’m Proud!”  This is a popular motto sounded off by St. Louis natives.  Given my pen name on this blog, I’m one of the hometown girls reppin’ the Lou in my dietetic internship.  My friend Cynthia is another SLU dietetic intern and St. Louis native!

2.  I’m following in my former academic advisor’s footsteps.  I truly admire my advisor at Fontbonne University.  She completed her graduate studies at St. Louis University where she earned her PhD and completed her dietetic internship.

3.  The dietetic internship at SLU is unique!  The St. Louis University DI offers the following:  34 intern spots, 150 + placement sites, 5 concentrations, MS degree, practices sustainability, service, and has an  excellent staff of registered dietitians.  Also, all of this goes on in a matter of a year!

4.  Less than 50% of dietetic internship applicants receive a match to a DI.  Being chosen to be a Billiken is a great distinction.  I was chosen to be one of 34 in their dietetic internship and one of 6 chosen for the Public Heath concentration.

5. I know I will be supported through this process.  My advisor’s wealth of knowledge and devotion to the field of dietetics is proof.  I know that I am in good hands because my advisor’s dietetic internship director is now my dietetic internship director.  Yep, amazing…right?!

What have you done recently that has made you really, unabashedly proud?  


Music City, I choose you!

Today’s Daily Prompt asks, “If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be?”

Choosing the place is easy, however to bring only one element back with me is doggone impossible!  Well, since this is my little virtual paradise I’m going to bring back a couple of things and they’re gonna come from Nashville, TN.  Ha! Its funny because one thing person I brought back from Nashville is always with me, my husband. ❤

Something that I have not shared about my educational journey to Registered Dietitian on this blog is that this is a second career for me.  My educational journey actually began in Nashville, where I went to college the first time!  Therefore, its hard to pick one thing to bring back because its a nostalgic place for me. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Tennessee State University, marched in the Aristocrat of Bands (marching band), fell in love, gained life long friends, and had my first apartment in Nashville, TN.  I’m at least going to follow the rules a tiny bit and post one element that is a building, a cultural institution, and a common street food.  So here we go…


Few things can outshine the A T & T building, which is affectionately called the “Batman” building in Nashville, TN.  I mean look at those pointy “ears”! Does that not scream Gotham City?

Cultural Institution 

The Ryman Auditorium is a jewel!  When you go there, you have to ask yourself, “Is it a church or a concert hall?”  Its funny because my then boyfriend, now husband and I went there to see Erykah Badu in concert and she stopped in the middle of the concert to say something like, “Oh S*%t! Are we in a church?!”  She is an outstanding talent and funny too! 😀

Common Street Food 

Finally, the Pancake Pantry!  I couldn’t leave you hanging considering this is the story of an RD hopeful and occasional food blog.  Its not street food, but its one of the most popular places to dine in Nashville.  That line in the first picture is the t-r-u-t-h!  There’s always a line wrapped around the building.

These places are nostalgic to me, but I’m not so sure I need to have them here in St. Louis on a regular basis?  St. Louis has a LOT to offer in the scope of buildings, cultural institutions, and common street food!  Besides, part of the fun of having a place that you consider to be your second home is missing it so you can go back to visit!

Skip the building and the cultural institution! What food item is a must-have from another city you’ve visited? 

On the Reel: 3 Ways to Re-think Your Job Search & Land a Job in School Food Service

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.41.04 AM

As a December 2013 graduate I’ve been in career limbo.  During this time I’ve crafted an elevator speech to explain my career status, which ends with my current position of Substitute Cook in school food service.  In response to my monologue, I’m usually asked, “How did you get that job?”

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