New Graduate Student + Internship Orientation

This past Friday I went to my first dietetic internship orientation!  Yep, we’re starting pretty early around here considering our actual start date is August 18th.  It was a good meet-up FULL of information.  Slightly overwhelming, but not too bad. I’m assuming  my stress is a bit lower because I’m fortunate to be able to complete this process in my home town.  Moving, which is one of the greatest challenges for some of the interns does not apply to me.  Thank God!

My Fontbonne classmate Cynthia  (Yes, someone that I know is completing this with me,  yippee!)  my husband, and I made our way to Saint Louis University for our first meeting as dietetic interns.  Even though an itinerary was emailed to us, we still had feelings of uncertainty about the day.  Cynthia cracked me up because she described the mood as we walked up to be similar to an episode of Top Chef.  You know, the chefs are barely in the new home that they’ll be staying in only to find out that they’re going to complete a challenge RIGHT NOW!!  They are then told to create a dish with some laughable restriction or offbeat ingredients, only to be told, “To pack your knives and go!”  That is, if you’re the unlucky one!  Thank God that is NOT how this day went down!  However, they wouldn’t have been able to get rid of me that easily.  This girl has worked too hard to go down without a fight!

Rather than that scary scenario, we were greeted with excitement!  They know that matching to a dietetic internship is no small feat, so there is a lot of encouragement and desire to mold you into this awesome RD.  Plus, they determined us to be a good fit for their program.  So, it was all good! 😀

They presented a LOT!  In a time frame of 4 hours. O_o Everything from financial aid to off campus housing to research explorations were discussed on this day.

I left with a lot to think about and a lot to do.  Before the first day of the internship, I should have the following done:

  • ID badge
  • Parking permit
  • Criminal Background check
  • Drug Screenings
  • TB test
  • Textbooks
  • Sending verification statement, transcript, food handling certificate, etc.

Overall, our brains were exhausted and we were feeling emotionally charged.  And just like that, the day was done!

The one downside to the day was that we really didn’t get to mix and mingle.  Other than the traditional introductions of where you completed your DPD and your DI emphasis/track, I really didn’t get to know anything else about my internship class.  We were ushered pretty quickly from topic to topic and the speakers were on schedule, which left little down time.  Plus, many families had traveled from far destinations and were very anxious to find housing.  Apparently the St. Louis housing market is pretty rigid when it comes to renting in the city.  So, when we were set free everyone pretty much scattered.

Here we are,  all smiles!  And that one word plastered across us pretty much sums up our next 12 months!  Stay tuned…


So tell me…

When is everyone else getting the DI “party” started?

Are there any recent DI graduates that are willing to share some advice with us new appointees? 


4 thoughts on “New Graduate Student + Internship Orientation

  1. Congrats! This sounds so exciting. I definitely resonate with feeling overwhelmed at the start of the internship. I struggled mainly with trying to feel adequate or smart enough during rotations, when in reality, we are INTERNS, still learning, open to finding out more! Don’t feel like you have to be the RD on the first day 🙂

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