Killing Time in an Airport: 10 Ways an RD2BE Beats Boredom

I wish I could tell you that I’m on my way to a tropical location and faced with the dilemma of keeping busy due to a travel layover.  This summer is all about the Staycation.  I won’t be flying the friendly skies.  I have to keep my finances in check for my pending graduate school and dietetic internship escapades.  Well, using my imagination and today’s Daily Prompt, I believe that this list is a likely representation of how an RD2BE would handle 6 hours O_o  of terminal time  without electronic devices.

10 Ways an RD2BE Beats Boredom in an Airport 

  1. Read the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or Food & Nutrition Magazine 
  2. EAT!!!!
  3. Exercise – walking, body weight exercises & yoga
  4. Practice Motivational Interviewing techniques while conversing with fellow travelers
  5. Homework or Study
  6. Shop for a coffee mug or other food related souvenir
  7. Write a grocery list or meal plan
  8. Daydream about RD jobs
  9. Doodle your name 1,000 times with the RD credential e.g., Jane Doe, RD, LD
  10. Make up PES statements constructed around the people you watch

Looking at this list, I think I would be entertained.

How would you kill time in an airport?


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