On the Reel: 3 Ways to Re-think Your Job Search & Land a Job in School Food Service

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As a December 2013 graduate I’ve been in career limbo.  During this time I’ve crafted an elevator speech to explain my career status, which ends with my current position of Substitute Cook in school food service.  In response to my monologue, I’m usually asked, “How did you get that job?”

Gaining work experience in the field of dietetics as a student is important.  And you’re told that it should be unique.  However, dietetics students typically end up with the default position of Nutrition Assistant.  The titles for this position vary, but in essence it is a position within the diet office, tray delivery, or tray assembly.  No doubt, its an appropriate and beneficial position for a dietetic internship hopeful, but not so unique, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you have options.  You do not have to concede to the, “You must gain clinical experience,” protocol.

Now is the perfect time to inquire about food service positions at school districts.  Positions in elementary and secondary education are typically extended on a one-year contract basis.  In this environment promotions are going on everywhere, students to new grades and personnel to new positions.  Naturally, you would think that these positions are posted on the school’s website, but sometimes they’re not.  I want to share with you how to find your new job!

3 Ways to Re-Think Your School Food Service Job Search

1. Think Authority

Public schools are overseen by the government. Therefore you should look to the governmental agency that will be most beneficial to you, which is your state’s Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.

2. Think Big 

Look at the big picture!  Schools have a hierarchy in place just like hospitals or other organizations.  Use your favorite search engine and go to the School District’s website to find a job rather than the separate K-12 institutions.

3. Think Direct

When all else fails go directly to the school.  Today online applications rule the job search, however I have witnessed applications being picked up and dropped off at the school where I am employed, so for some establishments the paper application still exists.


So far, we’ve talked about the benefits of joining a DPG and today we talked about how to find your new job as a Lunch Lady School Food Service worker 😉

In the next post we’ll talk about volunteering.  I add to the On the Reel Series every other Wednesday, so stay tuned!

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post.  As I stated in the inaugural post, I’d love to receive questions so that I can help Registered Dietitian (RD) hopefuls.  If you have questions about the education and experience needed to be an RD, please email me at reelrd2bestl@gmail.com







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