Proud to BE a Billiken!

So as you can tell, the Daily Prompts have appealed to me lately.  I’m having fun with these and building a blogging habit along the way.  Just assume that its another item on my growing Internship Prep List.

I’m calling it internship prep because I plan on blogging my way through my dietetic internship.  My plan with this blog is to provide weekly recaps of my internship rotations and other food and nutrition related things.  So at this point I’m just building my blogging “muscle”.  Similar to exercise I’m trying to make writing an exercise that is performed without effort.  At the very least I want blogging to feel automatic.  I want to feel like if I’m not posting to this blog, I’m missing something.   I don’t want to leave myself or you my readers hanging!

When I saw today’s Daily Prompt, I said to myself, “I got this!”  Today’s Daily Prompt is all about the right to brag.  It asked bloggers to write about, “… something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.”

I am unabashedly proud that I matched to a dietetic internship!   I’m also proud to complete my dietetic internship at Saint Louis University!  And here’s why.

Why I’m Proud to Be a Billiken

Be a Billiken

Photo:  St. Louis University via Flickr Creative Commons

1. “I’m from the Lou and I’m Proud!”  This is a popular motto sounded off by St. Louis natives.  Given my pen name on this blog, I’m one of the hometown girls reppin’ the Lou in my dietetic internship.  My friend Cynthia is another SLU dietetic intern and St. Louis native!

2.  I’m following in my former academic advisor’s footsteps.  I truly admire my advisor at Fontbonne University.  She completed her graduate studies at St. Louis University where she earned her PhD and completed her dietetic internship.

3.  The dietetic internship at SLU is unique!  The St. Louis University DI offers the following:  34 intern spots, 150 + placement sites, 5 concentrations, MS degree, practices sustainability, service, and has an  excellent staff of registered dietitians.  Also, all of this goes on in a matter of a year!

4.  Less than 50% of dietetic internship applicants receive a match to a DI.  Being chosen to be a Billiken is a great distinction.  I was chosen to be one of 34 in their dietetic internship and one of 6 chosen for the Public Heath concentration.

5. I know I will be supported through this process.  My advisor’s wealth of knowledge and devotion to the field of dietetics is proof.  I know that I am in good hands because my advisor’s dietetic internship director is now my dietetic internship director.  Yep, amazing…right?!

What have you done recently that has made you really, unabashedly proud?  



2 thoughts on “Proud to BE a Billiken!

  1. Congratulations on matching to SLU–I was born and raised in STL and lived right down the street near Tower Grove for years until the West Coast came calling and I moved to San Francisco. I am starting my senior year and will be applying to internships next spring, getting nervous! Great site!

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