Science, it is a Black thing. Sexy too!

At first I thought the Daily Prompt, Instant Celebrity was of no interest to me.  I have no desire to be a particular famous person for a day.  On my About Page I mention two I’d like to hang out with, but to be in their shoes for a day…I’ll pass.

However, I won’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate African American women in STEM careers.  Yesterday, a post revealing the Sexiest Black Female Scientists went viral.  As of today, this post has been shared over 8,000 times, accumulated over 1,500 likes, and tweeted over 700 times.  The ladies on this list are Instant Celebrities worth emulating.

black girl and science

Photo: Lab Science Career via Flickr Creative Commons 

As I shared on my About Page, only 3% of registered dietitians are African American, so this list easily got my attention.  I love the Sexiest Black Female Scientists list because it debunks myths and the bogus ideas that contribute to the lack of African Americans practicing dietetics.

I am already a sexy black female scientist 😉 But my goal is to get more diversity in dietetics.

Why Dietetics?

1. Dietetics is about food.  In the courses I have taken I’ve gotten the chance to cook food, eat food, talk about food, study the relationships we have with food, study the cultural aspects of food, study the science of food, and teach others how to cook food.  Sounds, fun right!?  And food is considered to be the 6th language of love. ❤

2. Dietetics is a multidisciplinary field.  Dietetics encompasses several fields of expertise.  To become a RD an individual has to take courses from an approved program that involves the following: physical sciences, biological sciences, social sciences, education, culinary arts, and business.  There may be more depending on the program and its emphasis.

3. You are a food & nutrition expert. The RD credential is the only credential nationally recognized in the field of foods and nutrition.  RDs are highly trained.  To become an RD one must complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program, complete 1200+ hours of supervised practice, and finally pass a rigorous registration exam.

4. Dietetics is rewarding. You get to be apart of someone’s healthy living journey!  You get to be at the forefront of providing guidance and motivation as someone makes healthy behavior a priority in their life.  Who doesn’t want to see someone be at their best and enjoying life?

5. Dietetics is about prevention.  It is no secret that diet positively impacts health outcomes.  Nutrition is about being proactive instead of reactive.  Registered Dietitians have the expertise to employ health-promotion and disease-prevention strategies to effectively reduce morbidity and mortality and improve an individual’s quality of life.

6.  You can turn your passion into your profession.  The Dietetics profession is limitless.  Dietitians use their expertise as Chefs, Editors, Communications Specialists, Blogger, Public Health Nutritionist, School Nutrition, Food Marketing, Wellness Coach, Ethnic Food Specialist, Corporate Wellness, etc…Truly, the list could go on and on!

As you can tell, science and the field of dietetics is far more exciting to me than transforming into a celebrity for a day.  I hope that this post makes it just as appealing of a career to someone else.

If you want to have a SEXY rewarding career in dietetics, visit the EatRight website for more information.

 What other careers do you think need more minority women personnel? 





3 thoughts on “Science, it is a Black thing. Sexy too!

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  2. Great blog! I didn’t even know about the Sexiest Black Female Scientist list. Congrats on finding a dietetic internship. I look forward to reading about your experience as an intern. For me the time was definitely one filled with anxiety, excitement and a little bit of terror as I thought of working with highly skilled clinical dietitians.

    • Hi, Kareen! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Yes, I hope an RD will secure a spot on the list next time. I love you’re Vlog. Very inspirational and much needed at this time in my life. I’m following along 🙂 Take Care!

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