How to Become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Sometimes (most of the time) writing and talking about how one becomes an RD is a difficult matter.  Even though Dietetics educational plans boil down to completing an accredited Dietetic Internship and passing the credentialing exam, there are still options on the road-to-RD.  First and most important is to go to the Eatright website of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to find an approved/accredited program.  Of course there’s more to it than that, but I’ll let these ladies (RD & RD2BE duo), Wendy & Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy break it down for you.  Trust me, this is much better than me boring you with a 2,000 plus word post, but please feel free to contact me through email with questions.  I’d be happy to try to clarify anything you’re uncertain about the path to becoming an RD.

Oh!  And can you believe that its t-minus 20 days until the start of my dietetic internship?!  Yikes! 😮

Last, to my RD2BE and RD readers: What has been unique about your road-to-RD? 



What Have You Done For Me Lately?

This title probably generated a side-eye, 🙄 but relax this is a scolding pointed at me!  If the department secretary in charge of wrangling us 34 interns were to be more frank in her communication with us, I’m sure she’d use that exact phrase.

And probably this look?!  Ha ha!  Just kidding, but Janet does it better than that silly smiley face…



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Meet Me on Holistic Ebony!

New things are poppin’ off for me!  I’m the latest recruit to Holistic Ebony, a holistic wellness website.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 17.36.44

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Lettuce. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

But I do have time for salad’s crowning glory, toppings!  No, I’m not a lettuce hater.  In fact, salads with a luscious base of leafy greens are a go-to lunch for me.  But let’s be honest, the toppings are what take the flavor of a green salad from zero to hero!

Salads are the ultimate play with your food entrée.  We’ve all done it!  You know, push the leaves back and forth to retrieve the flavorful goodness hiding underneath.  Well, let’s stop playing hide and seek with our food!  Make salad with NO lettuce!

I’m talking beans, grains, veggies, fruit, herbs, spices, nuts, and your favorite vinaigrette dressing.  Cheese too!  Now, I know you got time for that!?  Just be creative.  My creativity took me to the Southwest.  I created Kidney Bean and Barley Southwest Salad using my pantry staples and summer’s showstoppers:  tomato, corn, and avocado.

Kidney Bean Barley Southwest Salad

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