What Have You Done For Me Lately?

This title probably generated a side-eye, 🙄 but relax this is a scolding pointed at me!  If the department secretary in charge of wrangling us 34 interns were to be more frank in her communication with us, I’m sure she’d use that exact phrase.

And probably this look?!  Ha ha!  Just kidding, but Janet does it better than that silly smiley face…



Anyway, we’re roughly one month out from the start of our internship and its gettin’ real, y’all!  The emails are becoming more frequent and I now have a class schedule.  Eeeek!

I’ve been whittling away at my summer to-do list, yet I still have a way to go.  Probably my most recent roadblock or shocker was finding out that the Hepatitis B shot is a VERY expensive 3 shot series.  Actually, it was a shocker that I needed it at all!  I currently work in food service and all I’ve ever needed was a Hepatitis A vaccine.  I guess this DI stuff is on a whole new level?  But, that’s what I get for waiting pretty late in the game.  Don’t be like me.

It won’t stop me from getting my internship underway.  However, the price and the trio of band-aids I’ll be “blessed” with over the next couple of months have left me unsettled.  C’est la vie.

The health/medical preparation part of the internship is the area that I’m most behind in, I think?  Figures, considering I’m a health professional in the making.  Why is it that sometimes we can be the worst patients?  Again, I repeat, don’t be like me!

To-Do List by John.Schultz

After my New Graduate Student and Internship Orientation, I made y’all privy to some of the stuff I have to tackle this summer.  But, now I’m gonna layout the full blown list.  This is a good exercise to snap me back to reality and show those not in the dietetics world that this is not your average coffee gofer, copy making internship. I hope this doesn’t bore you to tears, but let’s see how I stack up so far.

Summer “To Do” List

  1. University ID badges
  2. Parking Permit
  3. Criminal Background Check
  4. Drug Screening
  5. TB test
  6. Hepatitis B vaccination
  7. Order required reference guides 
  8. Confirm FNCE trip 
  9. Send official transcripts 
  10. Send in Verification statement 
  11. Submit professional bio & picture
  12. Send copy of Foodservice Sanitation Certificate 
  13. Apply/verify AND membership 

Not too shabby!  I’m half way there.  I also have some unofficial internship prep to complete and its fun.  SHOPPING!  I need some more professional clothes. I also need a better set of food containers to pack my lunch and sometimes dinner for my long days.

I’m almost ready to get this “party” started!!

What is on your unofficial internship prep list?  



3 thoughts on “What Have You Done For Me Lately?

  1. Thanks for such an informative post. I’ll be sure to keep the Hep B shot in mind when it’s my turn, one year from now 🙂

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