The Nester!

The urge to “nest” has taken over!  I know this word choice is typically associated with pregnancy, but it resonates with my current state of mind now that my summer is coming to an end.  I’m one week out from the start of my dietetic internship and I have the urge to get organized.  This urge to establish order is surfacing out of anxiety!

My anxiety mostly pertains to maintaining the life that I’ve become accustomed to now that I’ve been out of school for roughy 8 months.  Up until now, I’ve pretty much just doing my own thing.   I’ve just been working here and there and moving to the beat of my own drum.  I’m excited and ready to start this new chapter in my life, but worry about time to cook, getting enough sleep, and my professional wardrobe once things get rollin’.  Notice, nothing about rotations, graduate school or homework is phasing me right now.  Although I’m sure that waves of emotions pertaining to those internship elements are on the horizon.  I suppose I’m concerned about throwing things in the mix that I have not had to juggle in a while?

So, what have I been doing to prepare?  Pinterest!

But, seriously though…yes Pinterest!

Its not the authority on everything, but its good for inspiration.  And that’s what I needed!  I took to Pinterest because I set goals for myself going into my internship with the hope of having a better work-life balance.  Specifically,  I would like to start laying out and accessorizing my clothing the night before or days in advance and I would like to meal plan and batch cook so that I can have a tasty lunch to-go!

Lately,  I’ve been in full swing, finding my style, scouring though my closet with Pinterest at hand.  I discovered I have things that are appropriate to wear in a business casual to business professional environment.  I also added a few pieces to bridge the gaps in my wardrobe.

For lunch preparation I’ve been doing the same.  Checking out recipes that can keep in the refrigerator or freezer for a while.  I bought some new food containers with compartments with the hope of helping with portion control and lightening my load.  I’m fairly satisfied with my choice, but why is it so hard to find the right food container/lunch bag combination?  They never fit together properly!  Is it just me?

Despite (these oh so minor) worries,  I’m really excited to get started!  T-minus 1 week folks! Errr, 5 days?!  This sat around as a draft way too long!  LEH-GO! 😛


Are you antsy about anything related to your dietetic internship or school semester as our summers come to a close? 



On The Reel: Choosing a Dietetic Internship


Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.41.04 AM

On the Reel is back!  I wasn’t feeling the draft I had in the works for this series, so I had to re-evaluate what I wanted to discuss in this installment.  In lieu of the promised post on volunteering, I want to dive right into the meat of the matter, the Dietetic Internship and the selection criteria that you will want to consider.

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