Wait! What? Semester 1 is Over?!

Yep folks semester one is done!  As of today I’m on break for 2-weeks.  Can you tell by all those question marks and exclamation points that I’m in disbelief?   I have accomplished a LOT!  In what, 16 weeks?!  And although I have failed to share the play-by-play in real time, I now have time to recap.  So let’s start with my top 5  dietetic internship moments thus far.

Top 5 Dietetic Internship Moments Fall Edition 

1.  Meeting the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics President-Elect (incoming president), Dr. Evelyn Crayton, PhD, RD, LD

2.  Observing several GI procedures including about 3 Endoscopies and 1 Colonoscopy (Sounds gross…I know, but they were truly amazing)

3.  Attending the Food and Nutrition Expo and Conference (FNCE) in Atlanta, Georgia

4.  Preparing an Artisan menu for Food Day 2014, which took place in the Saint Louis University  Department of Nutrition and Dietetics garden.

5.  Gardening days in the department garden.

Still, I cannot believe that I’m half way through! O_o

If you’re a dietetic intern, let’s chat!  Share your top 5 dietetic internship moments thus far in the comments.

Did I keep it reel, or nah?

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