100 MO Miles

In the dietetics world social media is EVERYTHING!  Yes, everything.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Blogging and Google+.  You name it, RDs want a piece of the pie. This “pie” is virtual presence.  RDs everywhere are artfully timing posts and linking their social network pages together for ease of sharing.  Likewise, they’re coordinating colors, usernames, and logos to establish their brand.  And this trend is true for RD2BEs as well.

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Due to the small world feel of dietetics, the power of networking will be reiterated time and time again throughout your dietetics education.  That being said, this blog was birthed to boost my brand (Ha! say that 3 times 😉 ), which I’m still in the early stages of figuring out.  While I have personal social media pages, I’m still trying to figure out the use of these outlets as a budding dietetics professional.  To learn, I lurk.  Yes, I’m the watcher.  I study what others are doing attempting to measure up to the RDs and RD2BEs out there that have this marketing thing down pat!

So that I improve my social media presence, I check social networks a minimum of twice daily.  Typically, when I wake up in the morning and then after work.  And to keep it real, on days that I am not busy, its hard to unplug from these outlets.  Who am I kidding?  Social media and I are attached at the hip!  Part of it is just me being nosy, but I also learn all sorts of great things.  This is especially true on Twitter.  On Twitter, I found a MO state public health initiative that’s going to step-up my walking game up!  Its called #100MoMiles.  It is the perfect companion to the Fitbit® One that I received as a graduation gift.  Y’all I’m cray-cray in LOVE ❤ with this thing!  All of the sudden, it has incited this competitive spirit in me.  I’m parking further away, doing laps around the house, and making trips to the bathroom far away from the department I work in.

Anyway, enough about my love affair with a pedometer.  I found out about #100MoMiles through the Twitter account of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Missouri affiliate.

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100 Missouri Miles or #100MoMiles is a health initiative developed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and First Lady Georganne Nixon. The program encourages Missourians to log 100 miles of outdoor activity in 2014 in the form of walking, running, biking, or hiking.  It also encourages Missourians to take advantage of Missouri’s many trails that merit it as the “Best Trails State.”  Who knew?

So, why am I excited about this?  First, I ❤ Public Health and I’m happy to see my state concerned about the health of its citizens.  Second,  I need a physical activity goal and some accountability. Third, I’m the “Reel RD2BE of St. Louis,”  so I gotta represent for my city! 😀  My plan is to complete the 100 miles prior to the start of my dietetic internship. I kicked it off yesterday with a 1.5 mile walk at Carondelet Park.

Now that I’ve yakked on and on…

I hope you found these things to be the takeaway:

  1. Establishment of a professional persona on social media is important. Start small. There are some fancy blogs and other visually appealing networks out there. But don’t get intimidated! Its just important that you get some FaceTime on these outlets.
  2. Network…network…network and did I say network?  “Friend” and “Like” your fellow RDs, RD2BEs, DI, and AND affiliates.
  3. Get to know your city. The tangible and intangible aspects are valuable.
  4. Motivation and social support can come from anywhere.

So tell me…

How do you ensure you’re visible on social media? 

Does your state or city have a physical activity public health initiative you’re taking part in? 


* I am in no way affiliated with Fitbit® or #100MoMiles. All opinions in this post are my own*