How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?


This has been the question of the week!  We kicked off the spring semester of dietetic internship with Nutrition Education week.  Nutrition Education week is meant to give us interns a chunk of time to craft lesson plans about gardening.

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Reel Life Intern: Weeks 3 & 4 Congregate Feeding

Hello All!

I finally hit publish on my post Reel Life Intern: Weeks 1 & 2 Diabetes and would now like to talk a bit about my Congregate Feeding rotation.

Congregate Feeding at SLAAA 

I completed my Congregate Feeding rotation at St. Louis Area Agency on Aging (SLAAA), which provides social services to the senior population here in St. Louis City.  They disperse and coordinate many services for seniors that allow older adults to age in place and remain active members of the community.  Even though my time at SLAAA was focused on the Elderly Nutrition Program, I learned that there are many free and very low cost services available to older adults that can help them to continue to live independently such as transportation, medical care, minor home repair, assistance with chores, and socialization activities.

The PowerPoint presentation from my post management.

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Reel Life Intern: Weeks 1-2 Diabetes

September 18th marked my one month anniversary of being a Dietetic Intern, Wooooo!

Last time I posted here I was in the midst of my Diabetes rotation and had brought you up-to-date with orientation happenings. Well, I am happy and shocked to say that my Diabetes rotation is over! It was a great experience, but went fast as lightening! However, I think that this will be the case with my internship overall due to the way that it is set up. So, before I talk about my Diabetes rotation, let me give you some background information about how rotations flow in general with this dietetic internship.

My rotation work week takes place Tuesday through Friday.  Mondays are Seminar days, which are spent on campus. Typically on this day we have presentations from healthcare professionals, SLU Nutrition & Dietetics instructors, meetings with faculty advisors, and receive clearance to our next rotation through checkmarks of module assignments that focus on material for the upcoming rotation that starts on Tuesday. Uh, that last statement was a mouthful and I’m not even sure if it made sense? But basically we are at our rotation sites for 2-weeks and have assignments to prep us for the upcoming experience. With that said, you can see why this experience feels like it will be here today, gone tomorrow!  In fact, I just completed my first week at my second rotation, which is in Congregate Feeding.  So, I just have one more week there and I will be whisked away to another site.  It keeps me on my toes, and I love it!  So check back for details on that rotation.

Now, that I broke down the Hustle & Flow of my dietetic internship, let me tell you about my first rotation in Diabetes. This marked my first true inpatient clinical experience. This rotation taught me a lot about the nutritional risk protocol of an institution, the charting methods/generation software available, and how to prioritize nutritional concerns in an inpatient setting.  Also, I’ve honed my counseling skills.  Motivational interviewing and active listening techniques essential in this setting. The best thing about this rotation was that is was my FIRST dietetic internship rotation! It was my first time experiencing the feeling of having “ownership” of a patient and playing a role in an individual’s care. My next two rotations are food service related and then I’m back to clinical for Cardiovascular disease, so I’m looking forward to this rotation so that I can assess how my little bit of inpatient experience has impacted my current skill set.

By the way, I’m now onto my 4th rotation! 😉 So sorry for my blogging hiatus…that is if anyone is even reading this anymore? Ha! Anyway I’ll leave you with a picture of my awesome Diabetes Rotation crew, the SLU ladies of the Public Health and Culinary Entrepreneurship dietetic internship tracks.

DM rotation crew

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