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Welcome to Reel Random – Just me sharing a few things that have been running though my mind as of late…

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“Keep Calm and Carry On,” are the words of the week!  If you look to the right sidebar, there are only 2 days left until Match Day!!!! So, this mantra is on repeat in my head.  Come on April 6th!  Oops! See there I go again rushing things!



In the course of waiting for Match Day, I’ve skimmed the internet to kill time.  And I’ve come across some ideal professional looks that are á la Olivia Pope-esque.  I long for a professional look that has pops of color and streamlined tailoring, with an urban flair. Buh-bye, yoga pants. 😦  Hello, young professional! 🙂 This one I found on fits the bill.  The featured picture below is my favorite, however there are 4 more POPPIN’ looks here. 



 I am ready for spring weather!  Eh…should I say warm and sunny spring weather?  I had to clarify because we are currently experiencing typical spring weather here in the STL, which means rain. Or SNOW!  Yes, I said it…snow!  It can happen here in April.  I am reminded yearly around my April 10th birthday that it snowed the day my parents brought me home from the hospital. O_o

But, as the saying goes, “April showers, bring May flowers.” I am so looking forward to the flowers!

I want the WARM spring weather so I can sport the latest accessory I’m fixated on, the scarf!  I know seems odd after we’ve worn the wooly variety up to our eyeballs for about the last 5 months.  But, there’s something relaxed, bohemian, and organic about a summer scarf.  I mean, you can wear it wrinkly and in an unconventional way, on your head or around your waist.  I found this video from the MOAMNETWORK YouTube channel and was convinced I need to add this to my wardrobe!


Last, I work as a demonstrator at a local grocery store and a little over a month ago I demo’d the ancient grain Farro.  Farro is a variety of wheat that is similar to barley, has the chewiness of a wheat berry and a nutty flavor.  It is dubbed an Ancient Grain with its origin tied to Egypt.  I thought it was delicious! Since then I have purchased some.  I’ve been meaning to do something with it.  As a lover of Latin flavors, I think I’ll have to experiment with some avocado, black beans, and chipotle powder to whip something up!  I’ll post the recipe.  Assuming it turns out tasty!



Whelp, those are my wildly random thoughts of the moment.

So tell me…

Do you have any favorite words of wisdom?  

What celebrity do you model your style after?  

Any farro fans out there?