Oh Snap! My First Rotation + Orientation

Today, I was a REEL-life intern! Hurrah!

Oh and shout out to my fellow dietetic intern and blog reader, Lizzie!!! ūüėÄ

Ha, can you tell I’m excited!

I’m two weeks into my dietetic internship and I’m finally here to give y’all the run down on what me and my new nutrition BFF’s have been up to. ¬†Mostly we’ve been playing the memory game because there’s 34 of us, which is a lot for a Dietetic Internship that is not a distance program. ¬†Anyway, today the fun started! ¬†We kicked the week off with the start of our first rotation in diabetes!

Since it was my first day in the hospital, I don’t have much to recap about this rotation just yet. ¬†However, I plan to give y’all the low down on what I did (with adherence to HIPPA), what I thought (the highs and lows), and maybe what I’m looking forward to or suggest to make your rotation more productive than mine? ¬†Oh and I may or may not have already gotten lost today?! ¬†Those hallways in the hospital look the same! ¬†And that’s the first low point I have to share…its minor, but a mini struggle nonetheless.

Shall we talk about the details of the past two weeks?

What is the internship like? 

  • 34 Interns, there’s only one boy, but we have a Canadian!!!!
  • 5 Concentration Tracks: Nutrition Therapy, Pediatrics, Nutrition & Physical Performance, Public Health, Culinary Entrepreneurship
  • We earn a MS in Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Become certified gardeners
  • We are required to blog
  • Dedicated to sustainability

Ok, so what have we been up to? 

  • Learning about the internship’s and the university’s policies and procedures
  • Learning the goals and mission of the internship and university
  • We were assigned to cooking demo dates and partners
  • Performing a 24-hour recall with another intern that was video taped and reviewed by our internship director and co-director
  • HIPPA, OSHA, and other computer-based trainings
  • Countless “boot camp” nutrition reviews
  • Learning how to read our rotation schedule
  • Learning names
  • Professional photographs for the university website
  • Writing newsletter articles
  • Hospital tours
  • PPD screenings
  • Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork
  • Attended a faculty tea
  • Garden tour
  • Nomination for the¬†ALS ice bucket challenge!

YES, do not adjust your laptop! ¬†You read that last one correctly. ¬†The life of a dietetic intern involves so many things! ¬†We will complete this massive bucket challenge September 11th. ¬†Yep, 34 people will be getting iced at one time! ¬†So, I hope to be able to direct you to the departments Facebook page or something? ¬†I’m sure they’re going to feature that!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to as of late. ¬†There’s definitely more to come. ¬†Maybe even a couple of guest posts from some of my fellow DI folks? ¬†Oh Lizzie, I’m talkin’ to you! ūüėČ This was for sure an impromptu post after my long hiatus, but I hope to have a structure for my posts going forward. ¬†If there’s something that you’d like for me to answer in my forthcoming dietetic internship related posts, email me at reelrd2bestl@gmail.com.

As always, I promise to keep it reel with you!

For those of you that have been in action as a Dietetic Intern for more than a month now, are you now feeling like a Reel-RD or RD2BE? 

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