Metabolically Speaking

Digestive System Anatomy EmbrodierySpeaking on human metabolism and physiology is not something that do on this blog, but I did on another blog I created for my human nutrition, physiology, and metabolism class.  You can read my scientific spiel at Metabolically Speaking.

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Binding Judgement

“Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically? Tell us about a time you did, and whether that was a good decision or not.” – Daily Prompt

Typically, I do judge a book by its cover.  I look at the color.  If it is a paperback I look at the images on the front and back.  I check out the fonts used.  All that aesthetically pleasing stuff.  Outside of reading for school, I read fluff!  So, embellishment is important.   All those visual things are needed to get me to delve into recreational reading.  While this is a literal judgement of a book by its cover, metaphorically I have judged a food by its “cover” and it was a bad decision!

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10 Things Super Successful People Do During Lunch


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The mantra, “You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé, ” has flashed across social media accounts everywhere,  made news headlines, and echoed in the minds of many with the drop of her surprise album Beyoncé.  Many are in awe of her strong work ethic, flawless beauty, and commanding attitude.  And all the while she’s a wife and mother.

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